Tuesday, December 18

Morocco - Part 1


I just spent a week in Morocco and it was awesome. We arrived in Marrakech at lunchtime on Monday and spent the next few days wandering round its winding alleyways trying to find the way to and from our Riad. It was totally bewildering but we had fun bartering with locals and soaking up the atmosphere. We ate lots of meat, drank loads of delicious mint tea and bought all our Christmas presents in the lively souks around the famous central square, the Jemaa el Fna, which came to life every evening with food stalls, storytellers and drummers. 

The colours in the city were amazing. The decoration of seemingly insignificant windows and doorways was beautiful and I left wanting to photograph the whole city all over again. I did quite a bit of drawing there too, which was lovely. I hadn't done any location drawing for ages so it was fun to sit in street cafes and wield a colour pencil again. 

Later in the week we headed out to the country... but I'll tell you about that another day!


Tracey said...

Looks amazing would love to go one day.

laputain said...

i came to comment on one of the items you'd photographed which appeared in my feed in a different post entitled Morocco-Part 1, but it isn't here, which makes me think perhaps it was full of christmas presents you hadn't meant to post for the word to see. so i shan't mention it, except to say it was gorgeous and I'm coveting!

Anna Betts said...

Haha yes you are entirely correct! I drafted it and accidentally pressed publish.. then quickly retracted it! I will post it after Christmas, in the unlikely event of a family member seeing their present before the big day! I hope the recipients will be as excited as you!