Monday, February 6


On my Fridays I try and do some illustration for fun. This alphabet of daily items came about after reading an article about life kerning that had caught my eye before Christmas. 

I quite like it, and enjoyed the challenge of making letters out of everyday things. What do you think? Any letters that work well, or not so well?


I've swapped the F for a hairdryer and made the icing and candle on the V cake pink - excellent idea Alex! I hope it reads a bit clearer now...

Sunday, February 5

Pretty stuff

I partook in ill-advised vintage fair shopping today. I scored a lovely 1960s cropped tweed jacket, it's super, but the experience has left me wanting more stuff. So I made a treasury to get it out of my system. Meee wanteeee!

Wednesday, February 1

Science Festival

I've been doing some work for Cambridge University's Science Festival brochure 2012. We decided fairly early on that it should nod to the Olympic games, but still needed to be fun and sciency. I went with bright colours and visual puns, and really enjoyed such a fun brief. Plus, beards and moustaches were to be encouraged. Hooray!