Tuesday, April 27

Yummy hessian

At the weekend I started to bind my drawings together in a huge concertina book as a nice object - more for myself than for the looming deadline. I love handmade books, and quite enjoy making them and wanted to have something special to flick through once my degree is over (and of course to show my Grampa who was the inspiration).

I was thrilled to find this website selling sticky-backed hessian a fortnight ago which was just what I had in mind for my book's cover and slipcase. I think it's the perfect texture for the project, industrial yet natural, hardwearing, and reminds me of imports and exports, and old suitcases.

I'll miss stroking it when I have to submit this year's work!

Wednesday, April 21

Set, match

I've been ogling my own work. It's only when I saw all my drawings together that I remembered why I'd started this project.

The advice I got in the 2nd week to keep colours limited was invaluable as it brings the countries together and makes the differences shine. I hope it seems exciting to other people, it's often hard to tell when you're caught up in the fine details of a project if it still works and you've still got the essence of what it was you embarked on.

You can see the whole set here.

Tuesday, April 20


use slider at bottom of image ------------------>>>>

This is the coolest Flickr tool ever.
I'm so chuffed with it (as I don't have to get my head round Javascript anymore) that I'm going to embed this into a blank site, write a few words of explanation and use it as one of the three solutions to the brief. Have a play on the slideoo site, it's super duper!

Monday, April 19


On Friday we drove to Brighton on a spur-of-the-moment thing. It was great! I'd heard Brighton was lovely from pals who'd studied there, and seen it enough on telly to pretty much know what to expect but it was far lovelier. The pavillion was amazing, so weird - especially the ornate windows. We ate delicious crab salad sandwiches and fish soup rather than the usual greasy fish and chips and then went round The Lanes and looked at vintage clothing. It was all the tacky bits of any English seaside town, with a whole bunch of interesting culture thrown in, not to mention a bookshop/gallery on the seafront that sold Charlie Harper books and Rob Ryan prints. Lovely jubbly!

Thursday, April 8


What a beautiful day!

I thought I'd give ceramic on-glaze paint a try on a set of espresso cups thrifted last week. I really liked using it and will try it again for sure. This little set of four are now on etsy.

Plus, a new ebay-ed lamp for my desk. I bit the bullet last week and moved my desk downstairs to our living area. Now I can half-watch morning TV, half-work without leaving the whole dining table covered in cut paper and paint-covered plates. The trade-off however, was that I had to take apart our table football. I'm afraid I am officially boring now. And grown-up. Ew.

That is a handsome lamp though.

Monday, April 5

Coral Pencil Case

Today I have been catching up on 90210 as I'm such a saddo. I also made this pencil case and listed it on etsy.

Hope you had a super Easter and are stuffed to the gills with chocs! I'm still munching my way through bunnies in denial of the fact that I must really do the proper food shop today...

Friday, April 2

Northern Europe

Today I've been exploring Scandinavia, Germany, Holland and France in my world tour.
The cine films are really fun, especially the funny trousers people used to ski in in the early 60s!

I've still got so much to do, adding to my coverage of Africa and the Middle East. Oh and then I have to scan EVERYTHING (last count 65 A3 sheets), learn how to make a horizontal website with javascript (?????) and then learn how to use After Effects. Nothing too challenging right.....? Did I mention I have only 5 weeks?

Bring on the distractional Easter treats, I think some chocolatey inspiration will help!