Tuesday, July 7


Well we had a great weekend caravanning! I got a little sunburnt but the weather was great and we got to spend lots of time on the beach. The sights and sounds were all the more exciting in the bright sunlight although I only really got round to taking a few snaps towards the end of our stay.  

On Sunday we visited a really odd place called Jaywick. It was strange, a friend of ours had said it was worth seeing as all the houses there were tiny and falling apart, and he was right. It was quite eerie, you could tell it was a sweet little holiday resort in its 1930s hey-day. Now it's the poorest area in East Anglia. It seems to me that there's always an element of this eeriness at British seaside towns which makes me love them and feel sad at the same time. 


nath said...

Anna! what wonderful evocative photographs! i particularly love the first two, the lace curtain in the second one is so pretty. perhaps you ought to do some prints?!

flowerpress said...

Great photos, love em!
(p.s. my word verification word is booty!)

Autumn/Sugarflower Design said...


Really lovely blog - esp. the photography. Are you on Twitter? Would love to include you in my follow friday list this week. If so, I'm @hiyasugarflower or email me hello@sugarflowerstationery.com.

HappySquirrel said...

I love the photos of this post. So colourful and arty. Sounds you had a lovely time caravaning. Hope it brought you lots of nice ideas for your creative life.

Francesca said...

lovely photos. you put it so well about the british seaside. i agree. just looked up jaywick on flickr, gives a good picture of the place. imagine it in the winter...very sad.