Sunday, July 26

Before and after

We went to a sale at our favourite junk shop yesterday and picked up quite a few goodies including some golf clubs (yes, we have a new penchant for all things golfy since a couple of rounds of mini golf in Clacton. Seriously, we plan on making regular visits to our local pitch 'n' putt and everything! I must find some vintage pringle jumpers.). 

We also found a few bits of nice pottery and this ikea mini chest of  drawers. Pity it wasn't nice raw wood as new. Instead it had been stained a really icky garden fence I set about fixing it up today. My hand-painted lettering isn't quite up to scratch yet but I like the overall effect. I especially like the lazy lion embroidered patch I found in a charity shop ages ago. It's from the 1960s and reminds me of something but I can't quite remember what...for some reason I could imagine him saying "Miscellany" and then yawning.

Well, have a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon all. I'll be back this week to show you some new pencil cases I've been working on and perhaps a sneak preview of a new ceramic project.


nath said...

i love it and want it! so organised, you are to be applauded! i'll keep my eyes peeled for golfing paraphernalia!

emma lamb said...

oooh, great bit of diy there Anna! it looks so much better in white... but then i think almost everything would look better white!

btw, thank you for letting me use one of your images... i have finished the post just now... :)

hope you have a great week!

Tara said...

Wow this is fantastic! I had a similar find from a car boot sale but I wish I'd done this to it now! Love your blog by the way :)

Judy said...