Monday, July 20

My little pinky

I love Flickr, and how seeing new things every day inspires me. I know it's perhaps not the most adventurous example of inpiration-to-output but I'm sure you understand what I mean. Sometimes it just takes a chance encounter to gee you on. Anyway, the photo above by Niella got me thinking about new possibilities for my pencil cases, which got me back on the sewing machine and doing stuff after a little while of not being very productive. I've now got ideas coming out of my ears and will be starting a new ceramic project tomorrow! 

These new pink lined paper pencil cases have just been added to the shop and am pretty happy with them! I plan to do some in baby blue too, once a new lot of oilcloth arrives in the post...Yum.


orange sugar home said...

that is wonderful!! can't believe you can see something then create a different version of it so easily!! what a marvel. what a talent!!

Nicky said...

Love the pencil case. I had an oilcloth one when I was little and looooooved it! Perfect for the new academic year.

Somer said...

hello, thank you for the blog comment, it was so nice to hear from you! i adore your artwork and these pencil cases are wonderful!

Niella said...

Your pencil cases are soooo adorable!!