Thursday, July 15

Dog days

Today is the last day of dog-sitting. It's been fun, Saffy!

Monday, July 12

A lot of bottle

Hello! Long time no see!

Today I've been painting paper and cutting the shapes of my old bottle collection. I love looking at the lovely raised lettering on them, they're so tactile. I like that they are from local (and long since folded) companies too, and the more gross things like 'Lung Tonic" that appear on the sides are hilarious! Ew, lung tonic...

Tomorrow I am babysitting the most gorgeous labradoodle called Saffy. Her owners are off to Italy for three days and I have lots of fun walks and picnics planned. I'm pretty sure the weather is going to be awful but I don't mind getting a bit damp and chasing rabbits! Thing is, she barks like fury at men. I'd have her at home with me in the day but of all the blinking weeks of the year, this week my landlord is having the entrance to our flats repainted so there will be noisy workmen everywhere! Typical! Any of you lovely lot got some rainy day ideas for dogs? Wish me luck people...