Tuesday, July 28


This is a new design of pencil case I've been working on. I've been meaning to do the lined paper design in blue but I got carried away with the possibilities of polkadots and came up with this instead! Now listed in the shop.

I've also been going to the gym (!! I know - unheard of, but I'm getting fat) and sorting out my workroom, organising everything and chucking stuff out. I rarely feel in the mood for this sort of thing but when I do I'm brutal about it.  It's a bit tricky being in a rented flat and not being allowed to knock any nails into the walls but I'm trying to think of ingenious ways of brightening the room up. Perhaps I'll make a screen out of corkboard stuff, or just stretched stripey fabric? That would be cool. Anyway I'm rambling, have a good afternoon folks :)


our little love nest said...

LOVE it! :)
(feeling a tinge of guilt for not going to the gym in over 2 months and I really need to)

nath said...

fat? really? you? you look like such a slip of a thing in your photo. well, anyhow, good for you!

and those new pencil cases are super-groovy! and i love it when one is possessed in such a manner, that lots of things get thrown out, tidied away and generally sorted, it feels so good. wish the impulse was upon me!

Francesca said...

love love love!

orange sugar home said...

so creative! love the case. cleaning, decluttering and long walks (or to the gym) mean good changes!!