Sunday, August 28


We spent a lovely few days relaxing in Genova, this week. The weather was warm and perfect for strolling around in the evenings by the harbour. 

Genova is a small town in northern Italy with few English-speakers, so we got to practice our rolling Rrrrs lots. We also went on the double-decker train to Sestri Levante,  a pretty beach resort and visited the Aquarium - one of Europe's largest apparently. 

The photo at the top demonstrates the amazing 3D paint effects many Genovese buildings are decorated with to look like dressed stone. I found them fascinating.

So back to Blighty, and to work, but first a long weekend to recover... Hope you're having a happy summer.

Monday, August 8

Kettle brooches

I managed to get a couple of hours on the laser cutter last week and made these new kettle brooches. Available in the shop in red and soft white for now, but I have just received a package of turquoise perspex - so who knows what might appear soon!