Monday, November 30

Guess who

This is a little project we did at uni to make a celebrity shoe. Can you guess who mine is? They wanted us to look at using objects to convey personality. I then put my image into a Time magazine cover I found on google just to see... I think it works!

Thursday, November 19

Tis done!

This is my first animation and I can't believe it's finally done. It took me three weeks - a week and a half to make the tram and rolling backgrounds and stop motion elements, a long Saturday to film the whole lot and the last week to edit. Phew!

I just have to work out how to show it in my crit tomorrow now... fingers crossed for some nice feedback, not just comments on my slightly dodgy steering of the tram! Wish me luck!

Well, the crit went pretty well, my tutor suggested adding a few extra sounds like the noise of children playing, as if the tram were passing a schoolyard or something. So I might do that. Also it was suggested that I get rid of the two people filling up towards the end, as I have already introduced the idea of people being represented by dots so it kind of "confuses the visual language". Something to think about anyway. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments!

Tuesday, November 17

Tiles and toils

Hello! These are the first couple of tiles to go through firing. I'm really happy with the chair especially! There are five more that I've filled with glass beads but still need firing, I'm so excited to see them. In the meantime I'm working on my tram animation and it's coming together really well, will post it once it's done (which will be by thursday night latest). Eeek!

Thursday, November 12

Quick new things!

Just a very quick post today as I must get back to cutting out boat shapes but I wanted to show you two new pieces I added to the shop last night.
The book piece has been on my mind for a while now, and the numbers are a continuation from my typoporto book. I hope you like them. I've so been enjoying using my scalpel lately! 

Have a lovely weekend all, and thank you for the encouragement with my animation, I'm actually quite excited about it now. Eep!

Today's workspace

Has mainly been filled with bits and pieces for the animation/puppet show I'm working on. It's about a tram journey, hence the little tram in the photo (which I made out of a washing powder box and some foamboard - very Blue Peter). I'm somewhat cacking myself about getting it all done in time for next Friday. iMovie looks completely different to how I remember it and general editing-related horrors await. I just know it. 

Filming commences on Saturday, wish me luck folks.

Sunday, November 8

Sneak preview...

...of some tiles I've been working on this week. I'll be having them fired soon, then I can pour glass beads into the little hollowed out designs and then have them glaze fired to make the beads melt. I'm especially pleased with the chairs! I hope they work!

Saturday, November 7


I finally managed to get a few photos of my "Typoporto" book this morning. I hope you like it. It is the result of this research which I blogged a few weeks ago.

We had the crit for the project last Friday and my tutor said I shouldn't have put the colour parts in, and kept it all white. Maybe he's right, but I kind of needed a bit of something zingy with the red and lime (although the last page didn't work out too well with the off-white backs of vintage colour paper I'd used on the previous page).  

I used a combination of embossing, pinholes and cutouts to further explore the typefaces I saw in Porto and I really enjoyed myself! 

Thursday, November 5

Wood you mind?

I've rediscovered a bag of different wood veneers I bought last year and have had fun playing today. I'm supposed to be researching puppets for a puppet show/animation we have to do for uni but serene alpine landscapes seemed infinitely more attractive today. This one is now listed.

If dear blog reader you know of any amazing puppet work do let me know, my research is somewhat minimal at present and I'm off out to fireworks display now. If you wouldn't mind just doing my homework for me that'd be great. Thanks!

Happy Bonfire Night!

Tuesday, November 3


Don't tell, but I may have bought two chairs today. They were a fiver each and were quite a nice shape. I'm going to replace their seat fabric and make them spangly new-like. We don't strictly need any more chairs but I plan on throwing a Christmas party this year, so it's totally necessary. Honest. 

Also, I bagged this lovely coat by Joules on ebay at the weekend. It fits like a dream and is beautifully made of navy blue wool. V. chuffed indeed - it's lined with gold satin! (The pic isn't of me by the way, but maybe one day you shall see a little pic of me in it).

Hope you're all snuggled up and are fighting the cold and wetness.  I'm off to make some soup for dinner as I'm planning a late working night and I've the house to myself - exciting!