Saturday, August 30

Framing happiness

I just thought I'd mention this beautiful oil painting that I started making a rather elaborate frame for today. I absolutely love it, and have become a bit obsessed with it. The colours are so gorgeous and the stylised bottles are lovely. It was painted by the husband of the woman I'm framing it for and it had a pretty amazing voyage back to her.
Her husband had sold it many years ago and it had been handed down to relatives of those who bought it. It had become very dirty and had a huge rip in the middle when eventually the persn who ended up with it thought he should return it to who would truly appreciate it, so tracked down my customer. She's had it restored and I'm now making a lovely frame combining oatmeal-canvas-covered wood with a natural pale wood outer frame. It's always a bit scary framing something old and delicate but it's a pleasure nonetheless. If only I could keep it....

Tuesday, August 26


I finally got round to mounting one of the prints I did a while back from that car boot sale woodblock and listing it on etsy here. I photographed the print against my landlord's trailor that I look out over from my bedroom window. I'd been admiring the colour of it for some weeks now, and finally had a reason to use it!

In other exciting news I bought some lovely charcoal grey over-the-knee socks today, I think I'm going to put them on right now actually...

Monday, August 25

Drawing stuff

So to get me in the groove of doing observational drawing again in readiness for my course, I've been drawing random things around the house. This is the payphone in our living room. I've never even used it but it's quite a cool shape, and was tricky to draw with all the angles and stuff. It's not the best drawing ever so I spruced it up a bit on Photoshop with some pretty colours...

Sunday, August 24

Illustration Exhibitions

On Wednesday we saw some nice Illustration exhibitions in London. I've only just got round to googling some of the illustrators from them but these were some of my faves. I needed a bit of inspiration as I'm a little nervous about starting my degree in Illustration Sept. We are apparently due for six solid weeks of observational drawing. I'm expecting some gruelling times ahead...eek!Marcus Walters at Concrete Hermit

Tom Burns

Naomi Ryder - yes that is stitching!!!

and Sarah Gooch, all at The London College of Communication (Association of Illustrators exhib)

Tuesday, August 19

Ribbon paintings

I've had a very nice evening painting these little things. There's nothing like having a plate covered in little pools of freshly mixed pastel colours and a tiny weeny paintbrush to apply them. That could possibly be one of my favourite things ever. I think I'm going to mount them on card and bung them on etsy. I am loving these bits of wood I bought the other day. Best £3.95 spent ever! AND we're off to London tomorrow to see some illustration exhibitions, hooraaaaaaay!

Happy new home

Not for me, but for my pins. Lovely vintage Sellotape tin bought at the weekend from a car boot sale.

Monday, August 18

If you like pottery...

I've just found this brilliant website called Retro Select that lists loads of gorgeous pottery from the 50's and 60's (yes my favourite period for pottery...) and tells you patterns, dates of manufacture, names of designers, how rare they are and rough values. I've pretty much spent all afternoon browsing and writing wishlists to then look up on ebay. Be warned you may lose a couple of hours with this!

Thursday, August 14


Yay! One of my beach bags has been featured in a treasury by Pugs in Space. Mine's on the left, second from top. You can see the whole treasury here. I'm still working out how to do screengrabs properly on a mac so excuse the bottom being cut off!

Continuing a theme...

He he, so I'm obviously still finding the idea of wooden hair quite amusing! I bought a bag of little bits of wooden veneer the other day and have been experimenting. You need to stick cellotape onto the back of it before you cut it with scissors otherwise it will just crack along the grain but it's pretty fun once you get the hang of it. I'd love to be able to use a laser cutting machine to cut intricate designs and make my own inlays and stuff with contrasting colour wood. For now, I'll stick to the wooden legoman hairdos...

The second picture is of me and Jacob, photo realistic I think you'll agree!

Monday, August 11


I just bought this on ebay. I feel quite guilty as it's absolutely not essential but I rather fancied it and thought I deserved a treat! On Friday I had another interview at university to swap my course from Fine Art to Illustration. It sounds like an amazing course, and I think the interview went really well. I think it's nice to have things around the house that you actually use most days which remind you of a certain happy time. So this (which I'm now pretty sure has not got it's original lid, but hey) will have the dual functionality of storing sugar, and reminding me of the beginning of the next exciting stage of my life. Can you tell I'm trying desparately to justify my buying it..?

It's a Hornsea pattern called "Summertime" in case you wondered and totally goes with my other 1950's yellow and turquoise kitchen stuff.

Thursday, August 7


I think I like facial hair! I was playing with some lovely sticky-back wood effect vinyl that Lucie Summers gave me yonks ago and thought wouldn't it be funny if hair was made out of wood!? I was watching Futurama too so that probably made me come up with this little bunch of beardy weirdies! Tee hee!