Wednesday, April 22


Three letters I don't often write, but today's adventures at a second-hand furniture shop leave me no option! I've found the most freakin' amazing vintage 1960s Ercol table for the new flat! It was more than I wanted to pay but would still be considered an absolute steal by anyone's standards. It's top is solid elm and the legs are beech and I LOVE the curviness of it! Look at the grain!

In other news (i.e not related to my buying of vintage stuff), Teresa at Art and Light will be showing some of my collages next weekend in the gallery so fingers crossed for people liking them! I'm off now to finish an essay I'm writing on Olle Eksell and Paul Rand. Both worth checking out, amazing stuff... bye for now!

Saturday, April 18

Glutton for punishment

We're supposed to be moving house in less than two weeks. Which is great, I'm all for it, and I'm half packed already. Thing is, I already have quite a collection of bits and bobs that have caught my eye in charity shops over the last 7 years. You would think, that I would consider putting a stop to any frivolous buying between now and move day since it's all going to have to be bunged into a car and lugged up flights of brand new stairs. But no. I seemed to have bought a vintage child's toolkit...

I must be crazy, I have no children, I don't even believe the tools are usable, but it is just so cute! Tell me you don't love it. It so reminds me of one of the best exhibitions I've ever seen. And Jacob was as enthusiastic as I was for a change. Fiver well spent I say!

Wednesday, April 15

A New Favourite

At the weekend I read this little old book by Paul Gallico called "The Love of Seven Dolls" and I am now rather smitten. The cover illustration by David Knight (used as a pink line drawing for the endpapers) is just about exactly the way I wish I could draw.

As part of my degree, I'll be going to Porto in September to draw for a week. I'm so excited, apparently it's absolutely knackering, but your drawing gets much stronger in that time. If I end up with anything half as stunning as this I'll buy myself a large glass of port to celebrate! 

The book was published 1954 by Michael Joseph Publishers, incase you wondered. I imagine it's been reprinted though. I wonder if this David Knight did lots of book jackets...?

Monday, April 13

Exciting times!

Tomorrow is a big day for me and Jacob, as we're signing a lease to a new flat! It's very exciting as it'll be our first place together not sharing with housemates. I can't wait! Our moving day will be the weekend of the 2nd/3rd May so really badly timed insofar as my very final week of uni will be the following week, y'know the exact time all my coursework will still be in boxes....
Ho hum, nevermind I'm sure I'll get it sorted. In the meantime I'm packing stuff slowly but each time I seal a box, within 5 mins I realise I need something inside it! 

I managed to find a bit of spare time yesterday and made a couple more pencil cases, one of which is now listed
Hope you're having a nice long Easter weekend :)

Thursday, April 9

Ideas so far...

I've been playing with the idea of pairing photos according to colours, themes and composition and I quite like the results so far. Collecting evidence of polite notices and signs has been fun but I think maybe combining them with images makes them work better. Can you tell I really like Martin Parr? It's so hard to photograph anything remotely English-looking without it ending up like a poor imitation of his work. Damn it.

Sunday, April 5

Teeny tiny loveliness

In the last week I've been working on the collages for Teresa at Art and Light gallery and finished the 12th one last night! They look great I think, but I'm now left with off-cuts of backing card in rather awkward little shapes. So it struck me, why not make some mini collages to pop in the shop, at a convenient size of 6x8" for framing?
So here are my first couple - small, simple and rather cute - much like myself!
I'm off to a house viewing now, then away for a few days so have a great week all!

Friday, April 3

I've won an award too!

Yay! Francesca has awarded me a "Kreativ Blogger" award! Thank you! She's been careful not to sound like a diva actress at the Oscars on receiving her award but I have no such self control. Therefore, I'd like to thank the Academy, my parents (without their support none of this could be possible!) and of course God - I love you big guy.
I now have to list 7 things that I love. So here goes:

1. Waking up in the morning and cuddling the Mr - especially if I've forgotten it's a Saturday and was expecting to have to get up for work.
2. Learning new tricks. I've been practicing juggling lately after a friend taught me at uni. Those are tuition fees well spent in my view!
3. Feeling the sun on my face and the wind in my hair.
4. Driving in the country with my camera on the passenger seat and stopping whenever I spot something cool.
5. Charity shop shopping, the self-satisfaction of finding something amazing that someone didn't want anymore, something that you know you'll love for years.
6. A good book, because I genuinely believe you that you absorb everything around you and that it will somehow influence your work.
7. The joy of blogging, exploring and selling on the internet. I love you, world wide web

I'm now going to pass on the award to the following blog chums, congratulations folks!