Tuesday, October 25

Dinosaur disco

Yesterday was my birthday and I decided I wanted to do things differently this year. Cambridge is in the middle of it's brilliant Festival of Ideas, so my friends and I attended evening openings of five museums in town - each brought to life with music, light and alcohol. The Museum of Zoology is a brilliant place during the day, but lit up and with the addition of a DJ, it was like the coolest nightclub EVER. Such a good time! 

Sunday, October 16

3D lettering and 60s ski slopes

So I have a new brooch design in the shop and wanted to show you a little of my thinking behind it. I was looking at a 3D full stop that I saw on a vintage business card that my grandpa was given on a trip to Europe in the 1960s. You may remember the project I did on his travels a while back, and this was the drawing I made from said business card. He filmed some of the skiing he and my granny did on the trip too and I thought it was rather wonderful. Aren't their outfits funny? 

Thursday, October 13

The District 'Project Yellow'

My new job working at design agency The District has been very yellow-themed so far. We've recently set up a collection of yellow objects in the exhibition space, The Front Room, for which I am now booking new artists. 

The Front Room has been host to a wealth of interesting people setting up special exhibitions often unique to the space. You can see past events here, and the rest of Project Yellow on the flickr set here.

If you are interested in using the space please get in touch!

Thursday, October 6

Fedrigoni Commission

I recently did a lovely little job for paper company Fedrigoni, to promote a lunchtime event they are holding. It was an open brief and had to include something about lunch. I'm a big fan of olives, so it started from there. Yum.