Friday, May 31

A Merger

This is a little editorial piece I did for a facilities management magazine about companies merging. The chairs are based on Robin Day's 1950 design for Hille.

Friday, May 10

Knitting Typography



After teaching a summer school last year and having all my treasured vintage typography books go missing (it still hurts to think of it), I've been looking out for a source of vintage typography loveliness. And now I've found it...

I was going through another bag of the stuff that seems to make its way into my car after each trip to my parents' and this time it was my Granny's knitting patterns. The adverts in the back are great. Who wouldn't wear a twinset called "Patricia"? The lettering comes in all shapes and sizes and has me twitching for a dip-pen and ink session, studying and enlarging letterforms.


I found these Victorian prints at the weekend and am really amused by how hairy South African caterpillars are. The chrysalis are weird and beautiful too. My Dad who will remember these from his childhood describes their hair and 'long and luxuriant', I don't know how luxuriant I find them, but they certainly look quite dapper. 

Wednesday, May 8

For the Lovers

I've been working on a silly project for fun.

I had this brilliant idea of how long-distance lovers could have a chute to hop down so they can see each other at bedtime, or to say good morning. I think they'd sell like hot cakes. I also wonder what the world would look like if it were covered in pipes like these. Obviously you'd want them to take up as little space as possible, and like, not block out any major landmarks. But you'd also want them to be fun to ride on and have loads of twists and turns, as you might have a long way to go...

Anyway, I think you'll agree it's a great idea.

Wednesday, May 1



My little family of succulent plants are growing fast! I have them on my windowsill in front of my desk and they are just so weird, they're enough to distract me every day. Most of them are native to South Africa and I bought them online here - well worth a visit if you're interested. I can't stop looking at mine, they're so fleshy and bizarre. The plant at the top flowered a couple of months ago, and the bloom looked like an orange daisy, but within 24 hours had completely shrivelled up! Second from bottom is something called 'Baby Toes', and the tips of each toe are slightly see-thru. So weird!