Saturday, October 25


Today's "Make Do and Mend" sale went brilliantly!
I sold loads of stuff, it was the best day-after-birthday ever! The picture is a bit rubbish I'm afraid as I forgot my camera so used a phone instead but you get the idea. Plates and pictures on the wall, other stuff on a table. 
I met some really cool people too so fingers crossed it may lead to some interesting things, like maybe teaching people how to make aprons at the community art centre where the sale was held. I'd be pretty excited (and terrified) to do that!
Right, X factor is on, have a good weekend whatever you're up to :)

Sunday, October 19

Recent goings on

Hallo, it's been ages since I last posted! The first month of uni has been great, I've been so busy drawing I feel busier than I was when I was working full-time (and being paid for it!), but I suppose that's good. I'd hate to feel like I was kicking my heels on a course. We've had inductions on how to screen print and how to do etchings (telephone above is my attempt at this) and have been out and about drawing at museums, in the market and at the botanical gardens. All is going well I think, my drawing is changing lots already..

Next weekend I'm doing a handmade and vintage fair in Cambridge which is being held at this cool new art space which holds talks and meetings and classes on how to knit and stuff. This is the first sale and sounds pretty exciting. It'll be the day after my birthday too so as long as I can survive a potential nightmare hangover it'll be fiiiiiine...

Monday, October 6

Sara Fanelli

I was one of the lucky few to attend Sara Fanelli's talk at university on Wednesday last week. Her Pinocchio exhibition is now up at the university gallery and is absolutely beautiful! It's like stepping into a sweet shop only instead of sweets there are vintage oddities and art materials and a collection of her gorgeous children's books! If you don't know her work it's sometimes quite edgy but brings children's stories to life with her amazing use of collage and typography. I felt quite honoured to hear her talk as she's so enthusiastic and charming. Also to be studying only feet away from an exhibition is really inspirational, it makes me want to get going with my own work, not just do observational drawing. Oh well, only 4 more weeks of that to go...