Sunday, January 31

Lisa de John and Scott Patt

I love these two new pieces by Lisa de John and Scott Patt. They're for an upcoming show at Artstream Studios of colaborative work made by couples. I love the concept, it's something that really interests me.

So often whilst we work and blog it feels like we're all chipping away at our own little mountain - I don't quite know what that means, but bear with me - and it can be quite isolating. I don't know how easy I would find it to work with someone else on a project, as I fear I maybe a bit of a control freak! But imagine the possibilities! I wonder if it makes it easier or harder to make creative decisions with a romantic partner as opposed to a working partner?

Tuesday, January 26

A stately weekend

This weekend we stayed in the most beautiful old manor house in Norfolk to celebrate a friend's 30th. The weather was pretty grey but I managed to take a few pictures and we got out for a nice walk. Most of the time was spent drinking in front of the most enormous fire and eating and laughing. A life I could get used to!

Thursday, January 21

You are gold

This is the music-related project I was talking about.

Over Christmas we had to design the packaging for a CD we were to make, with all the songs following some sort of theme. The examples they gave were songs about dogs, colours or countries.

I chose chemical elements and packaged the cd using a nice contrast of plain white card, and crinkly gold card. I'd spent some time drawing minerals and crystals at the museum and making paper forms but liked the random nature of crushed card. It seemed much more like naturally-formed crystals than anything I could make using a polyhedron net.

In case you can't see from the photos the tracklist was as follows:

lithium - nirvana
helium hearts - super furry animals
carbon monoxide - regina spektor
oxygen - willy mason
neon bible - arcade fire
the sulphur man - doves
titanium expose - sonic youth
my iron lung - radiohead
think zinc - t rex
silver - hundred reasons
iodine - leonard cohen
platinum blonde - blondie
gold - spandau ballet
mercury - bloc party

I finally go back to uni on Monday and can't wait to get back into my work!

Monday, January 18

Charity shop goodies

I popped over to Ely on Saturday where my parents live, and had a few minutes to spare so had a quick rummage in the charity shops there. It's usually a bit hit and miss but I found these goodies. I love the butterdish as Prickwillow is a small village just 4 miles outside Ely and some years ago used to have its own pottery. It struck me as a nice piece of local history. And that lovely raised design? Well, it's a bit nice isn't it?

I also found a lovely pale blue knitted silk jumper with pearls sewn on the front. It's slightly rouched at the point where sleeve meets shoulder, so I see it as a little nod to the massive shoulder adornments Rihanna's wearing, whilst still keeping it granny chic!

Hope you had a good weekend!

Sunday, January 17

My First Treasury

I could hardly believe it, but late last night I got myself a treasury! It's the first time I've been online at the right time so I was very excited - albeit a little unprepared, as I took ages in picking my items... but I'm glad I know how to do it now as I have lots of themes in mind...

Friday, January 15

The Elements

Well, it's been a strange old week. I went to a funeral yesterday and it absolutely poured with rain. I was very moved by the people around me, and it got me thinking how amazing life is, and how important it is to enjoy the simple things in life. I can't begin to think what the Haitians are going through right now, it's never been far from my mind over the past few days.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

These are two collages made with some new photos I took in the recent snow we've had. We visited our local country park last weekend as there are a couple of nice lakes there and lots of ducks that make that lovely quacky laughing sound. But while we were walking, the wardens decided that the frozen lakes were too tempting for people to skate on (and not safe to do so) so they blocked the entrances. We had to climb over a fence to escape which was rather exciting.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I'm also working on a uni project which I'll reveal next week. All I'm saying for now is that it has a musical theme...

In the meantime have a lovely weekend whatever you're up to.

Sunday, January 10

Photo collages

I've recently been enjoying going through my old photos and cutting them up to make these new collages. Most photos are from when I briefly house-sat for a friend in the most beautiful house. I've also used a piece of photo by my friend Jamie - the original is amazing and he tells me it's from a roll of film from the 80's, hence the permed hairstyles! I'd love to see more, the colours are so great! You can see more of Jamie's work here and see these two new pieces in the shop.

Friday, January 8

neon and on

I'm still loving the neon paper but also sparkly gold leftover wrapping paper! I was kind of thinking about a magical forest when I was making this today.

I was remembering a folk tale my lecturer told us during our last lecture of 2009, which was about a forest that nobody would pass through for fear of what lurked inside. To cut a long and scary story short, there was a terrible troll that was trapped under a huge stone slab in the forest clearing and he made the sound of a small child needing help to lure people to him. Whoever was foolish enough to have entered the forest in the first place, lifted up the big stone and out he jumped! He'd then grant you a wish, but insisted you never thank him. Poor Tom (the farmer's boy - obv.) accidentally thanked him on three separate occasions and landed himself under the stone whilst the troll walked free. Pretty scary!

My collage ain't half as nasty, and is now in the shop.

Thursday, January 7

How cute!

I found this little children's guide to sewing at a car boot sale before Christmas and just love the colours and style of illustrations. Very much of their time, but still fresh and bright and really cute!

I'm looking at a lot of this kind of imagery from the late 50's and early 60's in preparation for the book project we have coming up at uni. I'm thinking of doing something about my grandparents in their heyday. There's something so optimistic and innocent about illustrations of that time that I love.

Wednesday, January 6

Turkish Delights

Well today I've done nothing except cosy up on the sofa and nurse my cold but I've been cheering myself up by reading guides on the best places to visit in Istanbul as on Sunday we booked a week there in August!

I'm so excited, it looks so colourful and interesting. I can't wait to visit the Grand Bazaare (where the photo above was taken) and see the old part of town, the mosques, and take a boat ride out to the Princes' Islands for a swim on one of their small beaches....

Anyone been before? Got any tips?

Friday, January 1

Happy New Year!

How was your New Years Eve?
We ended up in our local which was nice, they fed us allsorts of of tasty finger food, but then, rather crucially, forgot to do the midnight countdown! Instead we enjoyed a rather bad rendition of The Clash's "I Fought the Law". Oh well! Happy 2010!

I thought I'd see in a new decade with a bit of flourescent pink and orange in my Etsy shop, it seemed like a good idea at the time... So there are three new collages listed. I've really struggled with Etsy's photo limitations though. Why oh why does Etsy desaturate so badly? My photos have come out fine when transferred from camera to computer but as soon as I upload them to Etsy, or Blogger they look really dull. Hmm, annoying. You'll have to take my word for it that the oranges and pinks are blisteringly bright. Or look at my flickr page.

OH! Damn, just read how totally last year my experiments in neon are... oh well!