Monday, August 23

Seaside Texture

I don't know where the last two weeks have gone.

We had some sad news last week, Jacob's grandfather passed away, leaving the most amazing legacy. You can read about him here. I've been clearing out our spare room to make way for Jacob's new study area (he does his teacher training this academic year, so I wanted to get him comfy and ready as I could). And tomorrow I hop on the Eurostar for a week in Belgium with my girlfriends from uni. We'll be drawing up a storm - or so I hope, I'm quite out of practice.

It still seems relatively quiet in the blog world, what have you been up to? Something fun I hope.

PS these photos are bits of lovely crumbly boat on Aldeburgh beach. Don't they look tactile?

Thursday, August 12


Complete visual overload! Istanbul is the most amazing place.

We were pretty sticky wandering round the city as it was always around 33 degrees and 95% humidity, but we had an absolute ball. We took ferries and trams and ate fish sandwiches by the Bosphorus. There was beer served in mugs, an amazing junk shop, banter with stall-holders, fireworks and fresh produce markets to die for, and reflective times in the most fabulous mosques and palace architecture.

What a brilliant trip!

Tuesday, August 10


Phew! Just got back from an amazing week in Istanbul. I'm shattered and off to bed in a min, but have missed you dear blog, and wanted to wish you goodnight with pictures of prints that I listed on Etsy before we left. I promise not to neglect you anymore.

Istanbul images to come this week...

Night night xx

Sunday, August 1

A collection of things

One day we also collected a whole hoard of pottery bits, sea glass and shells. Then we lay in the sun and I shut my eyes as Jacob passed me one piece at a time to identify. Weirdly, I got through about thirty of them correctly by just touch! I wonder if there can be a career in this..?

A Welsh week

Time is whizzing by this summer! We got back from a week in Tenby on the Pembrokeshire coast in Wales yesterday and it was beautiful. I'd stayed there a lot when we were kids so it was lovely to find it as special as I remembered it. One day we went fishing on a boat and caught lots of mackerel for supper. Another day it rained and I found the most wonderfully overcrowded bookshop. And one night we went clubbing in a place as big as my living room!