Monday, January 31

Exciting news!

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I submitted my Northwest Passage work to Uppercase Magazine's matchbox label submission and four images made it! I can't wait to see the real thing. 

You can buy a copy here.

Saturday, January 29

Back in the habit

I'm back at uni now at it feels good.
This week I worked on a short editorial project based on The Guardian's "This column will change your life". I might try and tackle a few more of these as the psychological subjects are quite challenging. Next week I start an exciting YCN brief, which should be good fun.

Now it's time for me to listen to some gangster rap and eat a baked potato - let's face it, that's a recipe for a good Saturday. Have a happy weekend!

Monday, January 24

Making maps

For the last two months I've been working on a series of maps for a book about Art in East Anglia. It's been really good experience, and fun to meet with the nice publishers. This is one of Cambridge which was the first I worked on. I used OS maps as reference but drew all the components then edited colours on Photoshop.

I'm excited to see my work in print! It will be a lovely book for planning daytrips too, as it lists lots of public exhibitions and sculptures.

Wednesday, January 19


This is possibly the best thing I've ever found whilst charity shopping.
It's a Czechoslovakian cognac bottle from 1928 and I guess was for a French market.
The beautiful typography on the front says "Brasserie Th. Goledzinowski  - La Reole - .

Spotting it across the shop was the most exciting feeling!

Monday, January 10

Christmas presents

This lovely book was the first of my Christmas presents from the Mr. Isn't it sweet? It's a bit sciency and very colourful! Illustrations are by Helen Borten and it was published in 1962.

The second lovely book he bought me was I Know a Lot of Things by Ann Rand, which I've been after for ages. The illustrations are by Paul Rand and this is a first edition from 1956. It's a bit scruffy and has "Discard" stamped on a few pages, but that adds to the charm I think.

Thursday, January 6

Best chair ever.

I picked up this amazing little chair at Emmaus yesterday. Actually it was Nikki who spotted it but I swooped in and bagged it for a fiver. It's really like Ercol but is painted this zany colour. I like it though, it mis-matches the rest of our chairs perfectly.


I am noticing ampersands everywhere at the moment! So I'm sorry if it's getting a bit old (and dare I say it "design bird"/moustache-esque cliche) but these brooches went down a treat at the Winter Fair in December so I've put some in my Etsy shop. They are laser cut and hand polished, and would add a typographic zing to a jumper near you.

Monday, January 3

Happy New Year / 2010 in pictures

Happy 2011 Everyone! I hope you've had a great Christmas break. 

I'm so looking forward to getting back into things this year, and I suppose, finishing things off as this is my last semester of my degree. There's so much that I want to do this year so I thought I'd have a look back at 2010 to see where I left off.

Have you any resolutions for 2011?