Wednesday, September 26


I've started an evening class in silversmithing and I'm so excited to be making things again after a little 
break. Top picture is the very beginnings of my first ring, it's pretty ugly but you've got to start somewhere!

It's so nice to learn a new skill, and I can't wait to be able to set huge stones. It's great to see so many 
Etsy sellers making simple, well thought out jewellery. I'm feeling inspired. 

Have you ever tried working in silver?

Etsy sellers from top:


Michelle Y said...

Ooh how exciting. Look forward to seeing what you come out with.

tanjawilmot said...

exciting indeed, it's always good to try something new and to see how your way of interpreting and working with new forms and materials turns out. reminds me that I have wanted to try silver smithing ever since I saw a hand written sign advertising a class in Chiang Mai, Thailand, about umm, 15 years ago...