Thursday, March 22

Jacqueline Ayer

I've been talking to a few illustration students this week about the beautiful work of Jacqueline Ayer and thought it would be nice to share some. This is one of my favourite books by her called Nu Dang and His Kite, and was written and illustrated in 1959. I've talked about Jacqueline's work before and have since found out that she trained as a fashion illustrator in Paris, before moving to the far east with her husband. I love her observations of daily life in Thailand, and her use of line with flat colour.

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Bet Ayer said...

I was touched to see your blog today. I am Jacqueline Ayer's daughter. She sadly passed away on Sunday 20th May 2012. She has lived in London since the early sixties. It's lovely to see her work is still appreciated. I have all her books if you are interested.