Saturday, December 4

Roll Up! Roll Up!

Today my friends and I will be holding a stall at The Mill Road Winter fair in Cambridge.

As the poster suggests, we will be selling allsorts of handmade and hand-drawn goodies perfect for Christmas presents. If you're in the area the event is well worth checking out - lots of foodie stalls, Chinese dancing dragons, live music etc etc.

Wish us luck - we're raising money for our Degree Show!


Victoria Whincup said...

I hope it went well!

silverpebble said...

My lot and I had one of the grimmer viruses last week so I had to miss it - I was gutted! Such a shame not to be able to meet you. I hope it went well. I bet you were parky!

red-handed said...

I wish I was there -- I love browsing handmade things.

Anna Betts said...

We made over £400! So pleased :) It was freezing yes.