Monday, March 16

The big "O"

Yep, Organic. 
I know what you were thinking though, and might I say this is a family show!
Ahem. Yes. So I'm working on the word "organic" for this typography project and was thinking of using this wood block in some way. I've done prints in yellow like the suns in my book to put in the etsy shop. The design measures 8" across so would be a lovely ball of sunny yellow loveliness to frame and adorn your wall. The yellow ink was still wet this morning though, so prints might be a few days still... What do you think? Reckon I'd sell a couple?

In the meantime, Belinda over at gretchenmist has tagged me in the 5 addictions game. So here goes:

1. Tea. Up to 7 cups a day with a little milk and no sugar please :)
2. Making things. I'm doing something creative every day and that's the best part of being back in education after working for a few years. You appreciate the time you have and don't always come home feeling too tired to lift a pen or set the sewing machine up. It's truly a luxury.
3. I almost daren't confess to the blogging community that I smoke, for some reason I feel like I might get a cyber slap on the wrist! But hey I'm and adult and I'm putting it out there. And it's not as if I'm not a 40-a-day gal by any means...  if it helps I'm more early SATC Carrie than Dot Cotton. Okay?
4. Eating! Well more specifically, cooking and eating. Whenever I'm feeling happy, sad, mad, bad, glad, tired, grumpy whatever - some sort of cooking cheers me up. Which is rather handy for the boyfriend who is one of those annoying skinny people who eats LOADS.
5. Hoarding. Unfortunately it's a family trait. I not only hoard the leftover bits of stuff that knock around my house because one day I'll make them into something really cool, but I also actively collect pottery from charity shops, car boot sales and occasionally ebay.
So there you have it, I hope you feel like you know me a bit better! I'm tagging 5 others to find out their addictions: Lucie, FrancescaJoanna, Jodie and Louise


louloulovesbooks said...

sssssh..i smoke too, nothing like a roll up and a good old natter but my other hobby is yoga and I can't tell you what a fraud I feel!

Anna Betts said...

Haha! No I think that's Okay, at least you're trying to redress the balance. I on the other hand...occasionally cycle places...places like cake shops that is. I don't know how I'm not fat. Maybe it's the smoking?!

Francesca said...

oh my goodness. this will make me get a move on. i got tagged a few weeks ago by janne at 'what's blogging my view' so i will try and meld them into one great big tag! x