Friday, December 12

Pages printed!

These are my "journey" book pages which I'll be binding over the weekend. They were all printed with lino and oil-based inks in the albion press.  The images were made for a Print and Process project based on Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. You would never know it, but they said to just run with whatever line took your fancy. i chose part of a line that said "Even if I were to walk from here to India..." so started thinking about a journey on foot.

I'm pretty happy with them as a set. Using small lino blocks like hand stamps, the suns, arrows and houses break up the flow of the book and make it a bit more playful. It's taken me ages to do and is only just dry but I feel like a weight has been lifted now it's all done! I'll be binding them in a hardback cover which will be covered in a white oilcloth with maybe a grey leather spine. I'm still a bit undecided on that so any ideas...?


Francesca said...

oh my god, how gorgeous are they?! really beautiful anna. can't wait to see the finished book.

lusummers said...

me too! that sun is so yummy i could lick it ;)
we have SO got to get together girlie, i'm missin' my pal! have i told you that the boy who plays 'merlin' totally reminds me of jacob?!!!

Nancy said...

So lovely. I want your book!