Wednesday, December 17

Tea and cake

Not much to report today, got all my prints bound into a book, but ran out of time to photograph it before it had to be handed in! 

I bought this lovely tea set yesterday for £5 from Cancer Research (Christmas present to myself...) and am so in love with it! It's late 50's/early 60's Midwinter and seems to be a fairly rare pattern, so a bit of a bargain. We just had tea and Jacob's birthday cake ( which I made! - I'm rubbish at cakes but it was pretty good!) using the set, so that was very nice! :)


Elizabeth said...

What a bargain! And what a lovely set.

Jane O sullivan said...

OMG 1 such yummy and sane colours ... well spotted (jelous , me , not at all ! )

Fanny Valentin said...

Wow! Did you buy this set online? Do you think you can get a hold of it if you live in sweden?

Anna Betts said...

I found the set in charity shop so it was really cheap, but you can find the odd piece in this pattern on ebay. I think most UK sellers will ship to Europe.
It's called Whispering Grass by Midwinter and is an original 50s design, good luck!