Monday, March 9

Kettles Yard

There's a lovely exhibition up at Kettles Yard until March 15th called The Roundhouse of International Spirits. It features work by Ben Nicholson, Hans Arp, Julius Bissier amongst others who were all living and working in Switzerland during the 1960s. This image is by Ben Nicholson and is really inspirational when I think about the technique called scraffito that you use in pottery to scratch through a layer of slip to the underlying clay. I feel experiments coming on. Also, I've just applied to be a volunteer so I can help out at Kettles Yard, exciting!


teresawr said...

Hi Anna -- I live in Greenville, SC just a short distance from Jessica Gonacha -- she posted you on her blog today and I fell in love with your work, so I posted you on my blog as well -
Your work is amazing!! Would you like to place original works in my gallery in the future?
Hope you are well and I am so happy to discover you!
Teresa Roche

Kala said...

ooh Kettle's yard, haven't been there for ages! Just found you though lusummers's blog. Beautiful work and lovely to find another Cambridge artist!

Francesca said...

oh i love kettles yard. i'd like to move in there! lovely piece you singled out here.