Sunday, March 8

Happy weekend

Just a quick post to say I hope you're all doing something nice in the sunshine! Things just look so beautiful when it starts getting sunny again, I forget how important daylight is sometimes, to my work and to my general mood. Also, I've been really enjoying Heather Smith Jones and Alicia Alferman's Noticing Project lately so did a pair of my own. I love pink and orange together.


gretchenmist said...

hi anna, jinx! just started a little painting with orange and pink this week! it's such a great combo. i like your pieces together :)

louloulovesbooks said...

Hi, I like your blog, I've popped in a couple of times to see it and it's always so cheery. I love your poster, it's a winner.
Anyway, rather than peeping through the blog like a stalker, I thought I'd say Hi!
Good luck and keep up the good work