Sunday, March 1

The olden days

I was just rooting around in one of many boxes of stuff in my room, looking for old postcards, and found some old work. These were from a couple of roughly constructed scrapbooks that I made (5 whole years ago!) when I was on my Foundation year. That time was pretty exciting for me creatively speaking. I had set up a darkroom at home and had just got into finding old books in charity shops. I was making little flickbooks with graph paper and moving dots too. My tastes in stuff haven't changed all that much since then I don't think which is interesting but it's nice to see where certain ideas started that I feel I've picked up again since I've been doing my degree. I guess the gap in my education hasn't made all that much of a difference.


Francesca said...

when i have a creative block i often look at my old stuff - can be inspiring.

gretchenmist/belkemp said...

it's great to realise that it's still you and you have your own style! a good feeling. i really like these :)

Kristen said...

It's lovely to look at old work and like it, isn' it?
And that pink fabric is from my Nanna's pillowcase: