Saturday, March 28

Uni work

Last week we had a crit for the typgraphy brief we'd been working on and this was my simplest and favourite piece of my own work, but there was some amazing stuff done by others. I thought these old record cards were lovely, especially with their faded tabs. It was weird, the day we were set the brief I came home from uni and found a stack of them on the "recycling shelf" (shelf outside my house for people's unwanted stuff - stuff which regularly ends up in my room). So that made things easy, I just added letraset letters and hey presto. Simple but does the job nicely in terms of conveying the meaning. 

I spent ages on this one, as it needed photographing from two different angles and then assembling on Photoshop. Good thing to know how to do, you just never know when a 3D image might come in handy! 

Our brief over Easter is to work on 4 images of what it means to be English. So far I'm thinking about little polite notices we put up so that one doesn't have to cause a scene. Like "No Junk mail please" or "Kindly refrain from parking in front of my garage". There are quite a few in my neighbourhood, it's posh. What do you think though, any ideas?


joolee said...

oh my, can i pass this on and put it on my blog?? the letters are literally moving before my it. I've been meaning to do a post about your work for awhile now! just fabulous!

Anna Betts said...

Thanks Joolee, of course you can use it :)

Julie said...

That's such a good idea about the 'Englishness' notes. Have you ever seen this site: I know it's not English - but there might be some inspiration there for you :)