Thursday, March 12

Something beginning with "Me"

Our current brief at uni is typography-based and we have to experiment with letterforms and ways of making them convey the word they spell out. One of my words is mesmerising (I think. I may still change my mind...) and I got looking at Ishihara tests. They are for testing colour blindness but are amazingly beautiful in themselves I think. So I thought I'd spell out the word in one set of coloured dots and surround it with an opposing colour scheme like in the tests. Do you think this conveys the word though? My other main idea was to make the letters out of card so they're 3D, then photograph them from two slightly different angles and make them into an anaglyph to be viewed through red and blue specs. Whaddya think? I had already looked at Bridget Riley but sort of wanted to steer clear of spirals and swirls...

In other news, I've been featured on two gorgeous blogs in the last couple of days, firstly on Jess Gonacha's Treasuring blog and then on the beautiful Art and Light blog by Teresa Roche. Thanks so much for the kind words you two! It was very exciting to wake up to this morning!

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gretchenmist said...

congrats on the features! i can definitely get the word, but only really saw it after reading.
have tagged you to reveal 5 addictions if you feel like playing :)