Wednesday, September 1

Competition entry

I got back from Belgium last night after a brilliant week drawing. The weather was really weird, unbelievable downpours one minute, clear blue skies the next, but we had such fun.

In Antwerp we watched a car chase being filmed for a TV show. It all materialised right next to us as we sat outside a cafe having lunch. Make-up artists, camera men and directors descended within minutes and an hour later they had their shot and the whole square stank of burnt rubber! So exciting! We partied in Liege with Erasmus students, soaked up the atmosphere in beautiful Bruges, ate chocolate in Pierre Marcolini's shop, went to a flea market and drank lots of beer. Photos and drawings to come...

In the meantime, I thought you might like to see my entry for a wine label competition. I cut the lettering and images out of coloured paper then added logos etc on photoshop. A worthwhile exercise (especially as the prize is a week's holiday in San Francisco!).

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Louise said...

I really like how fresh they look Anna. It's great to have these in your portfolio anyway but I'd love you to win. San Fran? whoop de whoop**