Monday, August 23

Seaside Texture

I don't know where the last two weeks have gone.

We had some sad news last week, Jacob's grandfather passed away, leaving the most amazing legacy. You can read about him here. I've been clearing out our spare room to make way for Jacob's new study area (he does his teacher training this academic year, so I wanted to get him comfy and ready as I could). And tomorrow I hop on the Eurostar for a week in Belgium with my girlfriends from uni. We'll be drawing up a storm - or so I hope, I'm quite out of practice.

It still seems relatively quiet in the blog world, what have you been up to? Something fun I hope.

PS these photos are bits of lovely crumbly boat on Aldeburgh beach. Don't they look tactile?


Ashlee said...

Gosh!! Bill Millin - what an incredible man Jacob had for a grandfather!!
Did you meet him? I'd love to hear about it in one of your posts. Amazing legacy indeed!
Very sad to hear of his passing, I'm so sorry for your loss :( XXX

Have a fantastic week with your girlfriends XX

Lauren said...

Thank you for sharing the link about Bill Millin. Sounds like he was quite the man.

red-handed said...

Great texture. And yeah, summer can be quiet. But that's good, in its way.