Sunday, August 1

A Welsh week

Time is whizzing by this summer! We got back from a week in Tenby on the Pembrokeshire coast in Wales yesterday and it was beautiful. I'd stayed there a lot when we were kids so it was lovely to find it as special as I remembered it. One day we went fishing on a boat and caught lots of mackerel for supper. Another day it rained and I found the most wonderfully overcrowded bookshop. And one night we went clubbing in a place as big as my living room!


Ashlee said...

Lovely photos - you should re-create that dance-floor in your living room :))

Galit said...

Wonderful photos.
I think it is the first time I see a real-life photographs from Wales. Really great.

Rhoda Alex said...

nice your style..came to your blog through print and pattern. Your photos of Tenby brought back pleasant memories as i had visited it once during a brief stint in the UK.