Tuesday, September 28

A Commission!

This has been a really fun project, working with the organisers at the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Central Library in Cambridge. It was rather daunting at first as I knew the trail would be the basis for the whole Big Draw event. Now it's done I'm just really keen to see what the kids will make of it, but most importantly what they end up drawing themselves!

The trail will be printed at A2 size - double sided - and the posters will be up around town for the first few weeks of October (that's the top image by the way). I can't wait for the big day!


Francesca said...

fantastic! looks great. x

Louise said...

I've been away and killed my computer and am just catching up with blogerati. I LOVE this
Really nice work

xanthe said...

we're in cambridge over half term, will try and check this out :)

Jason Mervyn Hibbs said...

Really nice work Anna, I love the map! I shall be using the trail to help fill in the blanks on the Cambridge drawing brief :)