Friday, September 10

Funny day

Today I have mostly been trying to think my way out of the creative hole I'm stuck in.

For a summer brief, we were asked to illustrate a book. We had a choice of a half dozen or so, so I read three of them and decided on Perfume by Patrick Suskind - not easy I hear you cry - but the alternatives were equally abstract and challenging. With two weeks left of the almost-five-month holiday I decided to get my rear in gear today!

I decided that I'd like to do something a bit 3D and use photographs as my illustrations, so I set to work making lots of coloured paper cubes to illustrate this line:

"And during that same night, at first awake and then in his dreams, he inspected the vast rubble of his memory. He examined the millions and millions of building blocks of odour and arranged them systematically..."

I then cut out the shape of a man and photographed through it to the inner workings of his brain. Not 100% successful but quite different to how I normally work.


Elizabeth - Quest Twenty Eight said...

I really like the first image. The second image is slightly sinister, which would be in keeping with the book. I mainly remember the bit in the cave. Good stuff - have fun!

Alex Hahn said...

Cool, I was wondering what you were doing for this. I think this could be going somewhere interesting.
At the moment though it's not quite communicating it right; The second one, while quite a nice image, is suggesting to me more he idea of the building blocks or a person, which would be DNA...anyway, keep going this way, i'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

I, too, need to get a move on with my (children's) version: Perfume -the story of a very bad man...

Paz López said...

It reminded me instantly of Dave McDermott's work, see the last photo in this post:

I think you're on the right track!