Wednesday, September 8

Istanbul drawings

I wish it had not been *quite* so hot in Istanbul as I didn't get any sustained drawing done while we were there. These were all done either in the hotel room from my camera or since we've been back, and as a result I don't have any of the attachment that I do to the drawings done in Belgium.

It's an interesting problem and is something I'll be investigating for my dissertation which is looming this semester. I'm basing my research on travel illustration but it strikes me as a universal problem for illustrators. Obviously you can't sit and draw all night on location but is drawing from photos cheating a bit?


writergirl said...

my favourite is the first one.

Paz López said...

I just came back from a travel in Croatia and the most valuable drawing I made, I made it at night in a bar, using my memory. Hot locations are so hard to work at.

Drawing from photos is not cheating! You were there, you took the photo, and you put the feeling onto the drawing.

Even if it sounds better and cuter if you say "I drew it on the street"...

PD: I like your work!

Francesca said...

helloooo! i'm guessing you saw your work on print pattern?

looks gorgeous. x