Monday, August 31

Beach bound

We were going to go to our favourite beach today but didn't in the end as the Mr wasn't feeling very well. So we stayed at home and ate popcorn and watched a film (I know, criminal in this weather but it was nice), and I made some new pieces for the shop. 

The beach we like going to has lots of coloured beach huts and a pine forest behind, which I blogged about ages ago and although we couldn't be there in person, I travelled there with the use of my paintbrush. I'm especially pleased with the sand dune, I don't know why, it just came out quite nice. I also did this piece with a picnic table looking out over the sea, which was inspired by a day we spent near Inverness on our recent trip to Scotland. We set up our little red camp stove and vintage whistling kettle and had tea looking out across the Moray Firth.

We'll hopefully get to the beach at the weekend and I can see the real thing. In the meantime I hope you enjoy these. 


orange sugar home said...

your watercolors are precious. I love the suggestions of structure and the boldness of color. gorgeous.

helen said...

if you'd been in Edinburgh then a movie and pop corn would have been entirely justified. Dreich is not the word. Well actually, it's exactly the word. Way to make you feel like autumn is upon you!

third bird said...

Hi Anna -

Thank you for your lovely comment! And likewise, I'm so excited to read your blog. I am currently researching for my Honours project the notion of collecting and how it can inform the design process. Your collections and arrangements are beautiful!! And your turguoise collection...LOVE!

Francesca said...

loving your new watercolours anna. so delicate. x