Friday, September 4

A little treat

I sometimes view life as a series of challenges and rewards, like if something really crap happens, you'll probably have something good happen soon after. In fact, I often think that the way in which you try and fix things in the bad times will probably turn into the good thing you were hoping for, so being positive and hardworking will usually get you out of a hole. 

I quite like applying this challenge/reward scheme to the more mundane parts of my life too.
This last two weeks I've been heaving stuff out of my studio where I was doing picture framing. I was sharing with several other artists but could no longer afford to have the space, nor the time to do framing once term starts again. The weeks of packing, trips to the tip, taking things home and finding space in our spare room ended yesterday in the mammoth job of moving my cast iron mitre cutter. I don't quite know how, but I got it into my car single-handedly and it weighs about quarter of a ton! I can only think that it was like that story about the mother whose baby was stuck under the car and in a Hulk-like burst of adrenaline she managed to lift the car to release the babe. Something like that anyway... 

But I digress, the bit that you're probably more interested in is that I promptly went to a few local charity shops to look for a little prize for all my hard work and came away with this beautiful Ercol chair! A mere £7 was paid and it is in mint condition. I love that I will always look at this chair and remember that my hard work got stuff done and sorted, and that I seem to be freakishly strong. Go me!


flowerpress said...

I love the philosophy of turning the bad times into something good :-) (I was trying to work a bit of that yesterday!) And that chair is definitely a good thing!!

Donatella said...

I love your idea and I had fun reading your post! oh, and your chair is super cute: you definitely deserved to find it!

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Think I have 2 of these from local house clearance shop, at three quid a pop (well, dining versions). A keen eye is our friend.

Love the turquoise