Sunday, September 6

A Sunday of Colours

Today I went to the car boot sale near our house and found these beautiful silver knives with green plastic handles. I love that they're mismatched but still belong together. This little book has some lovely 1930s folk-inspired designs for linen embroidery too but of course what initially attracted me was the yummy turquoise cover! 

I then came home and made a few new pieces for the shop. This coral design was inspired by re-stringing an old coral necklace last week, isn't that specific colour just gorgeous? It's like nothing else I can think of. I hope I've captured it well. I've also listed a new feather painting in a larger size to make a bit more of a statement. What do you think? I'm going to do a few more slightly larger pieces as I waste card by cutting them to 9x9" and think it might be nice to offer something other than tiny weeny for a change!

Anyway, hope you have a nice relaxing Sunday night all :)


emma lamb said...

great haul Anna! i too love old embroidery books, so much inspiration... :)

oh, and your paintings are looking great too... i'm loving their simplicity and graphic qualities... :)


third bird said...

I love your knives! I collect similar miss matched cutlery with orange plastic handles and also admire how they look like they belong together.