Tuesday, August 11


Hello! We're back from bonnie Scotland! It was so beautiful, and the weather was amazing. It rained on the way up, and on the way back but almost the whole time we were there it was sunny and hot. Pretty much unheard of in that part of the world!

Camping was fun too, we had a cute little camp stove and whistling kettle and enjoyed boiling up water for tea in the evenings as the sun was setting behind the mountains. I even managed to do a bit of drawing and painting too. Bliss.

Hope you all had a good week/end, I've got loads of blog catching up to do!


caramela said...

Hey,well done! you actually found Nessie!!! I would have loved a vacation in Scotland right now-I have lovely memories, my hubby is Scottish and we got married in Perth!! Lovely photos too!
Anna, I am so glad you visited my blog, I have been long admiring your work and blog.
Have a great day,

Nicky said...

Those photos are absolutely beautiful! So lovely to look at them and imagine myself there....Would love to see some of your sketches if that is something you like to share. Has the holiday brought you inspiration and ideas? Hope your turquoise Museum is a success!

melissa said...

these photos are so beautiful. i would love to go to scotland someday.