Thursday, August 13

Scraffito tiles

I had my first proper play with scraffito (the method of painting leather-hard clay with a coloured slip, then scoring through to base clay) before we went to Scotland. For some reason I'd not done much before but my friend at work fired them for me and I'm quite chuffed with the results!

The grey shows up the white underneath clay slightly better but the turquoise is such a yummy colour. I've deliberately left them unglazed as that chalkiness is what I love about working with clay and unless the glaze has its own colour or finish I often prefer the untreated version.

I've listed the vessels and pebbles designs on etsy but it was being very slow so will do the others tomorrow. Time for a cup of tea methinks...


Bee Designs said...

They're gorgeous, I particularly love the pebbles design.

Tara said...

Gosh these are beautiful. Love the coolness of them.