Wednesday, July 30

A day at the beach

We headed off to the beach yesterday and are spending today recovering from sunburn and general activity! It was gorgeous, if a little strange at a couple of points during the day...

We got to Wells-next-the-Sea (not Wells-next-TO-the-Sea like you might expect, no no, exactly how I typed it, so you can almost hear the Norfolk twang) at around 10:30 and headed straight to the beach to find the tide out and the sea about 10 miles away! We wandered out and found a nice bit of sand next to an inlet to paddle in. From previous experience I knew that it was only too easy to get cut off from the mainland by such inlets and channels. We packed our things up just as a girl came running over with little sister and two dogs. She had left it too late to cross the channel and was scared her dogs wouldn't be able to swim in the strong currents. We obviously helped them cross and considered it out good deed for the day. Little did we realise that on our way back to the car we'd end up helping some lad who'd come to the beach alone, forgotten his insulin, had been drinking (yes, i rather lost sympathy at this point too...), and had no money on him. Anyway we helped him too so I think we are owed some serious good karma sometime soon!

Anyway, now we're back home and I'm battling with Dreamweaver, domain name websites and webspace providers to try an get a new website up, it's about time really. Wish me luck, it's only reduced me to tears twice so far!!!

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