Monday, April 19


On Friday we drove to Brighton on a spur-of-the-moment thing. It was great! I'd heard Brighton was lovely from pals who'd studied there, and seen it enough on telly to pretty much know what to expect but it was far lovelier. The pavillion was amazing, so weird - especially the ornate windows. We ate delicious crab salad sandwiches and fish soup rather than the usual greasy fish and chips and then went round The Lanes and looked at vintage clothing. It was all the tacky bits of any English seaside town, with a whole bunch of interesting culture thrown in, not to mention a bookshop/gallery on the seafront that sold Charlie Harper books and Rob Ryan prints. Lovely jubbly!

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Julie Kirk said...

Hi Anna - I came across this link today: where someone is collecting the patterns from security envelopes [something I'm rather fond of myself] and I remembered seeing them used in your work too. Thought I'd pass on the link from one pattern collector to another!

p.s I recently saw a green wooden caravan on the back of a truck on the motorway - I actually applauded it on my way past, I was so excited by how pretty it was!! Luckily I wasn't the one driving at the time ... :)