Tuesday, April 27

Yummy hessian

At the weekend I started to bind my drawings together in a huge concertina book as a nice object - more for myself than for the looming deadline. I love handmade books, and quite enjoy making them and wanted to have something special to flick through once my degree is over (and of course to show my Grampa who was the inspiration).

I was thrilled to find this website selling sticky-backed hessian a fortnight ago which was just what I had in mind for my book's cover and slipcase. I think it's the perfect texture for the project, industrial yet natural, hardwearing, and reminds me of imports and exports, and old suitcases.

I'll miss stroking it when I have to submit this year's work!


Victoria Whincup said...

That hessian is rather lovely! Looks like a great book...

Julia { a creature strange } said...

Your book looks absolutely gorgeous! Nothing better or more special than a book you've made of your own work :)