Friday, April 2

Northern Europe

Today I've been exploring Scandinavia, Germany, Holland and France in my world tour.
The cine films are really fun, especially the funny trousers people used to ski in in the early 60s!

I've still got so much to do, adding to my coverage of Africa and the Middle East. Oh and then I have to scan EVERYTHING (last count 65 A3 sheets), learn how to make a horizontal website with javascript (?????) and then learn how to use After Effects. Nothing too challenging right.....? Did I mention I have only 5 weeks?

Bring on the distractional Easter treats, I think some chocolatey inspiration will help!


Nicky said...

It is coming along so will feel so proud of yourself once it is finished. And imagine how you will feel looking back on it in a few years time.
Keep posting! I love your work.

jane said...

These are so beautiful, such a brilliant idea for a project! Retro skiing outfits are one of the best sources of amusement ever, i agree. Enjoy the chocolatey inspiration!

Mandy said...

Wow, I can't wait to see the finished product.... sounds amazing. Retro ski gear... so funny, thanks for the reminder !!!

Anonymous said...

wow i love your collages!!!