Thursday, November 5

Wood you mind?

I've rediscovered a bag of different wood veneers I bought last year and have had fun playing today. I'm supposed to be researching puppets for a puppet show/animation we have to do for uni but serene alpine landscapes seemed infinitely more attractive today. This one is now listed.

If dear blog reader you know of any amazing puppet work do let me know, my research is somewhat minimal at present and I'm off out to fireworks display now. If you wouldn't mind just doing my homework for me that'd be great. Thanks!

Happy Bonfire Night!


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

If I get a chance...I will do some research for this new piece...I just picked up a huge piece of Silver Birch bark I have to work with one of these days.

Chapter 9 said...

Hi Anna,

Not sure exactly what type of puppet research you are after, but I have a clip on my blog from 'The Double life of Veronique' (5th Sept) with
an incredibly beautiful puppet show - dont know if that's any help,

Thanks for adding me and your comment :)