Thursday, November 12

Today's workspace

Has mainly been filled with bits and pieces for the animation/puppet show I'm working on. It's about a tram journey, hence the little tram in the photo (which I made out of a washing powder box and some foamboard - very Blue Peter). I'm somewhat cacking myself about getting it all done in time for next Friday. iMovie looks completely different to how I remember it and general editing-related horrors await. I just know it. 

Filming commences on Saturday, wish me luck folks.


Rebecca said...

good luck! i too would be cacking myself, but your work is fab!

nath said...

oh, well, it looks AMAZING so far. that tram is simply darling. have courage Anna, it'll turn out beautifully i'm sure.

louloulovesbooks said...

I love it already cos it has washing lines in it...I too haven't used imovie in yonks and would be very nervopad.
That tram looks a million times better than Blue Peter too. Amazing. It's bound to be brilliant. Wish I could come round and play.