Thursday, November 19

Tis done!


This is my first animation and I can't believe it's finally done. It took me three weeks - a week and a half to make the tram and rolling backgrounds and stop motion elements, a long Saturday to film the whole lot and the last week to edit. Phew!

I just have to work out how to show it in my crit tomorrow now... fingers crossed for some nice feedback, not just comments on my slightly dodgy steering of the tram! Wish me luck!

Well, the crit went pretty well, my tutor suggested adding a few extra sounds like the noise of children playing, as if the tram were passing a schoolyard or something. So I might do that. Also it was suggested that I get rid of the two people filling up towards the end, as I have already introduced the idea of people being represented by dots so it kind of "confuses the visual language". Something to think about anyway. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments!


Nicky said...

Oh! It's so cool! I love the music that comes on when you show the washing hanging up, and how the blue colour appears in the building.

Bee Designs said...

Very impressive. I hope the crit goes well.

Tracey said...

I think your animation is really neat!
Pardon my ignorance but are the names that scroll accross, the names of the stopping places?
Your course on illustration appears to be so varied and interesting..

louloulovesbooks said...

Good Luck! You won't need it, it's so cool. I love the blue building and the pink knickers x 2! I did make an animation once using photography. It took me 3 months to make 5 mins so I know how much work goes into these things.
Tonight 20/11/09 at midnight on Channel 4 there is an animation programme. I'm really excited and hoping I can stay awake for might enjoy it too

Chapter 9 said...

Ohh, it's so lovely -congratulations!!
I love the blue building, and the boats on the sea are adorable!!

hello! said...

fecking AWESOME, it's SO sweet, i really hope you did well. beautifully done and the tram is a work of art! kisses misses XXX

bastisRIKE said...

i love that :)

perhaps you'll like the films by milos tomic:

Sarah said...

Brilliant! I love it from beginning to end...must have taken you ages to do it...congratulations!

Alison Keddy said...

Wow! All the work you did really shows :) And I think the people filling up at the end are cool. They are a similar colour to the dots and I think they just complete the story!

●• Thereza said...

well done!

Mariss said...

Just wonderful! I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog :)