Saturday, October 31

Have a Beastly weekend...

Happy Halloween! 
I've spent some of this week working in a group at uni (something I need to get better at, I fear I'm terribly bossy in a group, I need to learn to take more of a backseat!) to make a zine about mythical beasts. 

We made the a5 zine out of photocopied a3 paper and had to do all the complicated pagination (get me, I know the lingo) then fold, cut and sew it - so it was good experience. My pages were about Mokele Mbembe, a Nessie-type beast found in the Congo in Africa, which I read about in Redmond O'Hanlon's Congo Journey some months ago. We also included a little flip book where you can mix and match body parts of all 5 beasts featured in the zine. It kind of works, some of them don't quite line up but they just look really funny instead!

Hope your Halloween weekend is ghoulish and ghastly!


AR3Art said...

I love that 3rd world art feel to this series.

●• Thereza said...

what a cool zine, Anna!
you're inspiring me to finish off a zine i started a while back. great fun :)