Thursday, October 15

Information Overload

I've started a new module on my course called Ideas through Design, and it's getting us into the swing of editorial work for newspaper and magazine articles. I like it, but it's quite different in that we have short briefs, it's all concept-based and has to be realised fairly quickly. So things like collage, printing and using copyright-free images are all helpful.

This was my first piece of work and it (hopefully) illustrates the idea of "Information Overload". It's a theme which struck a chord with me as no matter how hard I try to resist, I do keep checking my emails, and Facebook, and my Flickr page, and my blog and Etsy several times every day, and don't even get me started on TV, or my mobile.... It's entirely self-inflicted - hence the idea of the lady watering this huge plant that now has her stuck way up in the air with no means of escape!

I wanted the evil plant to be a rancid orange colour to show something other than healthy growth but in the crit my classmates said it looked like a path.. nevermind. Also I should really have put the lady's shadow in and added leaves to the plant's shadow. But you know, it was a quick thing and most of the "making" time went on the hand-cut type. Good fun though.


Francesca said...

this is where i fell down when i was studying. i didn't like this module at all. everything i tried to create quickly from an actually brief turned out terribly. in the end, they trusted me and let me do my own thing which was nice! i'm definitely only meant to work for myself!

Sophie Munns said...

Great image Anna...
it speaks to me...its great to viualise this phenomenon in such a way... to be reminded to stay awake...Ilike your porto journal and the drop in and draw poster...great stuff! Fresh.