Tuesday, October 6

What a week!

I arrived back from Portugal on Sunday and have spent the last few days recovering! It was such an amazing trip, we got so much drawing done. Each day we went out and drew from 9:30 until 5:30 and then had a crit at 6pm before showering and exploring the city for cool restaurants. We found one place that was like a cave inside with single lightbulbs on exposed woven cables suspended above each table. We had the most amazing stewed veal there (not something I'd usually go for but it was Peixes (fish) or Carne (meat) and only one choice of each!) followed by whole pears cooked in port. We all nearly died of happiness that night!

Porto itself was a beautiful working city. Hardly any of it was manicured for tourists and my favourite bits were the steep streets with washing hanging out and old ladies leaning out of windows. So atmospheric. The typography was to die for and I filled a whole leporello sketchbook with with interesting examples. 

On the last night we went to the most amazing street party with performance art, live bands, painting on canvas from a huge roll which then got unrolled all the way up a building to form a huge banner - and we all drank lots of port! I'm glad to be home but it was such a magical time.

The bits and bobs above are all things I found in local junk shops, or at the most amazing flea market held under a huge bridge, or at a craft fair we found on the last day. Quite a bumper haul I think you'll agree!

I'm now back to grindstone and have an editorial brief to fill for Monday but am raring to go, the trip has both completely exhausted and invigorated all of us! 

I'll be getting my photos developed this week and will scan some drawings when I get a min, so  stay tuned...


Chapter 9 said...

Wow, what a fantastic trip!
Drawing from 9.30 - 5.30 sounds like bliss :)

That is about the most beautiful abacus I have ever seen - I'm very jealous!!

The rest of your haul is pretty fantastic too!

P.s - I've been a lurker for a while now, so hello! You've got a lovely blog :)

louloulovesbooks said...

Oh what a lot of lovely things... love the 'Letres' book and are those cigarette boxes? I am well jell of drawing all day and pears in port. Can't wait to see some of your drawings...my scanner is deffo dead :-(

Rebecca said...

That sounds wonderful! we went to portugal last year, the other half has been there a lot but it was my first trip, whereabouts is Porto? I love your finds!
p.s. I've not been lurking for long I think I found you from postcards from behind the hedge and beyond, but I love your blog too!

suzie chaney said...

It's that 1963 blue envelope that's got me drooling!
How fab to spend all that time drawing, and in Paula Rego-land too! She is such an inspiration to me, I would love to go to Porto. I think it's probably pretty driveable from where I live, and after what you say I'm really keen to go! (I could pass on the veal/meat/fish, tho. What's there for us veggies?)

kate dyer said...

That sounds like a really nice trip! I was born in portugal and lived there when I was younger. It's such a wonderful country. I'm glad you liked it! All your photos are lovely lovely and more lovely. I especially like the tiles, We have tiles like the blue ones on our villa. I miss it, your post just made me feel very nostalgic!


Laura said...


ines said...

Porto is lovely, now you should come and visit Lisbon:)